AQUA TECH Milk Can use Rotational Molded technology, which is certified by Food And Drug Administration (FDA), Made solely from 100% Virgin Polyethylene.

Being 100% Rust free, it is safe to be in contact with Foodstuffs, Pharmaceuticals & drinking water. With perfect smooth interiors having no plastic welded joints inside, AQUA TECH Milk Can ensures that there will be no contamination or damage to the Milk stored. Its high & uniform wall-thickness helps the milk to retain temperature while transporting in open vehicles under direct sunlight, unlike thin Blow-Molded Milk Cans. (Warming up causes damage of Milk in Cans).Attributed with high durability, being lightweight, having a long life span and being highly cost effective, AQUA TECH Milk Cans are apt for dairy farms under Indian conditions and is a perfect substitute for Aluminum Milk Cans . AQUA TECH Milk Can comes in different colors and elegant looks. It has built-in Plastic / Steel handles for better grip & it comes with & without Steel frames for additional protection to suit the requirements of various regional customers. It is extremely user friendly and incurs no maintenance cost.

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