Leak proof  Environment friendly
AQUA TECH Septic Tanks comes with “3 Chamber Baffe Design” system. This ensures a high degree of settlement and sedimentation, thus providing a low level of suspended solids, suitable for discharge into any underground soak-away system. AQUA TECH Septic tank provides primary biological treatment to crude sewage produced in a normal domestic environment. It retains solids and allows them to settle out, where they are partially broken down by biological “Anaerobic” action by microbes and bacteria. The remaining liquid (normally called effluent) is left to flow down towards the outlet drain. Bio-gas, Carbon-dioxide etc... Produced stays on top of the effluent and escapes through the vent pipe. This effluent undergoes further anaerobic digestion in the subsequent chambers all along the long flow path without any turbulence inside the tank ensuring high degree of settlement & sedimentation, thus providing a low level of suspended solids perfectly suitable for discharge into an underground sock-pit. All products are Rotationally Moulded using PLC– Numerically Controlled Machines, in tough LLDPE (Polyethylene) which offers a very high level of impact resistance. Polyethylene is the best; most resistant to human waste, urine, on a very long term basis, it is even more resistant than cement.

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